We Are OX

We changed the web.

Our Aim



Attract and retain the best and brightest talent of the crypto industry to accomplish the financial goal of OX Fina.


Unlock the full business potential of blockchain by blockchain governance and centralized F.I. Institution.


Gain mover advantage in a fast growing new economy by implementing blockchain methodology in traditional method of business.

The Mission

Our Responsibility

Enabling investors and speculators with the proven financial tools blended with blockchain.


The shareholders are the collective owners of OX. Anyone who owns one or more OX tokens is considered a shareholder.

Board of Directors:

The board of directors (B of D) is a group of seven elected individuals who represent the shareholders by making governance decision through a voting process and performing management tasks.

How to build a successful F.I.?:

You need a starting capital and skill to manage it. A professional team is just a part of the success and even though OX Fina has bankers, financiers, economists and specialists from many areas, smooth and seamless development requires significant capitalization. That is why we are raising investments using the most convenient and technologically advanced mechanism – the ICO. In return, 20% of OX Fina profit will be shared among Dividend Token holders.

The mechanism of receiving the part of the profit and its amount in percentage will be written in the bylaws of the company. The distribution will be performed using a smart contract.

OX Family Welcomes Devs

Join The OX Family

We have created an awesome project for future that will help financial institutes, developers and companies to create everything for their startups quickly and easily.

OXFINA Meaning

Letter O Meaning For OXFIAN:

A high sense of justice and a lot of integrity. Spiritual intelligence makes it noble, lucid and full of emotions.

Letter X Meaning For OXFIAN:

Has intense audacity to seek for novelty. Very fond of the unknown. This letter gives a great availability for adventure that can lead to new beginnings.

Letter F Meaning For OXFIAN:

Truly a generously natured tender spirit. Inner peace and compassion come through continuous balance in life.

Letter I Meaning For OXFIAN:

Shows a big concern for humanities welfare. Feels no desire for power in general. Simultaneously is able to take advantage of new experiences in order to gather more wisdom.

Letter A Meaning For OXFIAN:

The biggest strength for the letter A is imagination. Favoring development of new ideas while radiating dynamism, initiative and will.

Letter N Meaning For OXFIAN:

A solid imagination coupled with the will to strive higher. Such a livid imagination usually gets easily excited over new ideas.

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