Thanks for Participation
Hi Everyone thanks for participating in OX Fina’s Crowdsale

We have some information’s regarding the OX Token kindly read it carefully.

NO. 1- Our crowdsale is closed now and we are transferring all the pending  NON-Smart contract OX Tokens to the respective Token holder’s accounts, this process may take 15 days.

No. 2- We have already communicated to most of the exchanges to list OX Token for trading and exchange. This process may also take around 15 days.

No. 3- Our First POS/Merchant Platform is in development and expected to be live on 1st September.
We will update you regarding the exchange names, launching date of POS platform. For updates kindly subscribe our newsletter below.

NO. 5- Regarding Profit sharing our team has decided to distribute the dividends until our profit generation platforms are in development. The dividend ratio will depend upon the price growth in Ethereum coin.

For example; if the price of Ethereum grow up 10% so we will distribute that 10% in all the OX Token holders according to their holdings. This distribution will take place every quarter.  The first distribution will be on 7th  September 2017.

No. 6- Our team has decided to lock all the OX tokens owned by OX team for one year  so that only the token hold by shareholder will be in exchanges this decision will give strength to the OX Token to grow its value in market.

Countdown to the 1st rewards period is on:

New Profit Sharing Contract update it

To Add OX Token In wallets use the given parameters

Address: 0x65A15014964F2102Ff58647e16a16a6B9E14bCF6

Token Symbol: OX

Decimals: 3

Recommended Configuration
Getting Profit
Selling Tokens

Selling Tokens

After the ICO, you can sell the token on the market to receive
immediate profit.



Keeping tokens, receiving dividends The token grants a part of the
company’s profit.

Wallet Knowledge

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